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What do you think of Caillou gets grounded?

WallaceandGromitYesCaillouNo (talk) 13:54, March 5, 2016 (UTC)WallaceAndGromitYesCaillouNo

Erick J. Aubuchon

Erick J. Aubuchon

Birthday July 4, 2011

Birth Place Auch France

Aillngment Good (Actual) Bad (No One To Seen People)

Likes Bring Games And TV And Playing With Friends!

Dislikes Bring Kennedy Over Here And Rosie Over Here And Dora Over Here!

Ailles Little Bill, Caillou, (Formerly) (Kennedy, Rosie, Dora)

Enemies Kennedy, Donald Trump, Hillary Cillton, Rosie, Dora, Jeffery Ridgway Sr,

Grounded videos

Why is there a rule on the wiki that says Grounded videos are not allowed? Grounded videos are part of GoAnimate! Also turn my account into an admin account!

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