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Alternative names


Joined GoAnimate

7 May 2014

Voiced by

TSS Voice Paul (normal), TSS Voice David/Evil Genius/Zack (soft voice), TSS Voice Kidaroo (enraged voice), TSS Voice Brian (a shocked "What?")


Lukmoo, Shawn Brunner, ChrisM1994, NathanDesignerBoy7, Taylor Hayes, cheesedoodle65, Taylor JoliCoeur


Mr. Dookie, Mrs. Dookie, Fora, Nick Bryant (a.k.a shucomimmus), Beda (deceased), Zelen (deceased)


Family, Friends, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Spore, Dinosaurs, Lego Star Wars, Transformers


Terrorism, Trolls, Bullies, anything that threatens him or his family or friends





TheVigilantRaptor is a user who joined GoAnimate on May 2014. He is a long-time partner of Shawn Brunner.


The face is slightly diamond and has the chin pointed, making the character look slim. His glasses are a thin frame but alternatively he wears thicker spectacles, which can bend at a limit. For his basic appearance, he wears a black polo t-shirt, beige long pants and grey track shoes (although here his appearance shows normal shoes instead of track shoes).


About Him

TheVigilantRaptor, born on 25 February 1994, is diagnosed with autism. Despite this condition, he was able to adapt to his life, and get into primary, secondary and then tertiary school. Since childhood, he is interested in dinosaurs and having seen various documentaries about them, he becomes keen to produce his own shows about them. TheVigilantRaptor owns and plays Spore, an Electronic Arts game that allows players to create their own creations (e.g. creatures, buildings, vehicles, spaceships) and adventures (in an expansion pack 'Galactic Adventures'); he uses it for his works on dinosaur models, adventures about them and even a fictional dinosaur series known as Vigilance Chronicles, which shows the titular character Detective Vigilance (Velociraptor) surviving a zombie apocalypse.

In GoAnimate

On 19 May 2014, after his graduation in his tertiary school, most of TheVigilantRaptor's friends have grown fearful of him and his inability to eliminate Mr. Dookie who laid threats on them. As a result, TheVigilantRaptor ceases contacts with them. Sooner or later, TheVigilantRaptor ends up on GoAnimate.

Along the way, he meets up and allies with NathanDesignerBoy7, Taylor Hayes (Taylor The Hayniac), DavidTheAnimationGuy, Slippy V and LouieLouie95, whom Shawn introduced to.

In the Army

Coming soon...


Edmund GoAnimate sideway shoot with gun

TheVigilantRaptor with an i5 Cannon

In his GoAnimate form, and as compared to his counterpart in Vigilance Chronicles, TheVigilantRaptor possess a variety of weapons to defend himself and his friends. His iPhone can convert into a cannon that fire projectiles at his enemies and he has ballpoint pens too; each of them can transform into a lightsaber. 


  • The username, TheVigilantRaptor, is based on the Velociraptor dinosaur protagonist (Detective Vigilance) of his created Spore fictional dinosaur series, Vigilance Chronicles.
  • His personality is cold and dark as he sometimes trusts the correct friends, due to his experience being bullied in his secondary school years, and the deaths of some of his loved ones.
  • It seems that TheVigilantRaptor, like his Vigilance Chronicles counterpart, is obsessed in destroying the mouths/jaws of his enemies. Maybe he took Sally's and Mark's death to hard and serious after all.

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