The AGK Show (sometimes reffered as The Angry German Kid Show) is an upcoming series created by the new account UltraZoey101 on Go!Animate. This show takes place of Leopold Slikk, an 8th grader who throws a temper tantrum just because he loses a game called Unreal Tournament games. The show will come out in January 14th, 2015.


The show takes place in a town called Go!Animate City, a city that is popular all over the United States of America. When a 14 year old boy (Leopold Slikk) is causing trouble and gets grounded, he rages so much that his dad or mom has to take him to jail.

Voice cast

Leopold Slikk (AGK) - David/Evil Genius/Zack

Harold Slikk - Wiseguy

Marie Slikk - Kate

Runo Slikk - Shy Girl

Leonard Slikk - Ivy

Matt Brown - Brian

Takashi Yikuza - Paul

Ann Jefferson - Princess

Eleesha Carter - Emma

Joyce Pim - Amy

Stephen King - Eric

Anthone Abdi - Diesel

Zoey Nyikach - Tween-Girl

Zack Nyikach - Himself

Emma Nyikach - Herself

Simon Nyikach - Himself

Erika Dawson - Julie

Zara Dawson - Princess

Kristin Konkle - Julie

Bridget (Match Girl) - Bridget

Memy9909 - Joey

Baxter - Brian

Warren Cook - Brian

Alan (Match Boy) - Himself

Other voice casts - Every


The shows development is different, the early characters are just the characters from Comdedy World only. According to Ultra-Z, she says that the trailer will come out in mid-November, not 4th of November. Because of this, he wants to check again if her mom or dad's credit card has been declined.

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