{{Template:Infobox |Box title = The Eric Show |Row 1 title = Created by |Row 1 info = Jaylen Faison |Row 2 title = Original Run |Row 2 info = January 1,1969-Present |Row 3 title = Running Time |Row 3 info = 5-10 minutes |Row 4 title = Production Company(s) |Row 4 info = Go!Animate Studios (1969-present)[[

Wikipedia:Screen Gems|Screen Gems]] (1969-1974) Columbia Pictures Television (1974-1996)Wikipedia:ELP Communications:ELP Communications (1971-1996)Operation Prime Time (1971-1988)Klasky Csupo (1988-present) Wolf Films (1988-present) Columbia Tristar Television (1996-2004)Sony Pictures Television (2004-present)Universal Television (1971-2004,2012-present)NBC Universal Television (2004-2008)Universal Media Studios (2008-2012) |Row 5 title = Distributor |Row 5 info = Columbia Pictures Television (1971-1996)

Columbia Tristar Television (1996-2004,2004-Present Syndie reruns of 1971-2004 Episodes) Sony Pictures Television (2004-present,syndie reruns of 2004-present Episodes) Universal Television (1971-present) |Row 6 title = Original Channel |Row 6 info = ABC (1971-Present) (2007-present) |Row 7 title = Picture Format |Row 7 info = 480p SDTV (1971-2004) (Original) 720p HDTV (2004-Present) (Remastered Airings) |Row 8 title = Country of Origin |Row 8 info = United States |Row 9 title = Original Language(s) |Row 9 info = English |Row 10 title = No. of Episodes

The Eric Show is an Traditional Animated/Flash Animated Webseries/TV Series That First Aired on January 1,1969 On CBS.

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