The Grounding Revolution is a film made by James The Animator.


  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • David/Evil Genius/Zack as Caillou
  • Kalya as Dora



(We see famous troublemaker Warren Cook being grounded.)

Alan Cook: -and start watching those primetime shows, cartoons, children's shows, films, play video games, and listen to music not made by Disney, or you will be grounded for triple infinity.

(Cut to Warren in the living room watching TV crying)

Warren: It looks like I'm stuck wearing a diaper forever and I have to watch, play and listen to stuff not made by Disney from now on!

TV Announcer: Now stay tuned for the season premiere of The Chase coming up next on ITV!


(A record scratch is heard.)

Warren: What am I doing? Why am I taking this? I keep getting grounded for invalid reasons! And so do my friends!

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