This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.

Made by all admins, even Justdanceingsamuel, who recently picked up this game.  It airs on the Orange Otter Network on 10/28/14.  All bad users try, but fail to make bootleg copies of the same game, and promptly get grounded.  No swear words were harmed here.

Cast (Starred characters are to have HUGE roles)

Brian as Samuel* and Warren Cook

Kate as Joey King* and Austin (Backyardagains)

Kimberly as Gage, Pablo (Backyardagains), and some of the bad users mom's and Peanut otter.

Alan as Pablo's dad, Alan cook, Gamestop manager and Wal Mart manager

Paul as Target manager, Igor, John and Caillou's dad (New voice, got from Officerpoop247)

Eric as Eric Gavin, and EB games manager

Kendra as Tyrone (Backyardagains) and Stephanie Gavin

Kayla as Dora, Shauna and Sophie The Otter*

Transcript (W.I.P)

(Takes place on 10//21/14)

(Starts in Warrens room.)

Stephanie:  "OH GREAT!"

Pablo:  "I can't believe this, today Just Dance 2015 releases, we don't want it."

Pedro:  "Let's make bootleg copies."

(They try, but after 4 bootleg copies, all bootleg copies went offline)

(Then, right before anything else)

Alan:  "Warren, how dare you try to make 3,000,000,000 copies of Just Dance 2015, you know that people were waiting for that!  That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo it, you are grounded, there will be no disney, you will watch The Jack Ryan Collection on DVD."

(At Pablo's house)

Alan:  "Pablo, what were you thinking, you are grounded forever, go!  To!  Bed!  Now!

(Well, time for the main story)

Samuel:  "OH YES, I was correct, now I will call all good users to go to the shopping center in Downtown."

(Minutes of calling later, he got his girlfriend out of bed)

Joey King:  "Today is, JUST DANCE 2015 RELEASE DAY, Let's go!"

(At Shaw Shopping Center)

Sophie:  "Let's go to target."

Samuel:  "WHOA, WHOA, Settle down, I have an announcement to make."

Joey King:   "You will be going to different places.

Samuel:  "WilliamWill2343, Igor, John, Shauna and Sophie, you will be going to Wal Mart.  Me, Joey King, Sophie and Alex Kimble will go to GameStop."

Skyler Hawkins:  "Where are we going?"

Samuel:  "You, Jake, NathanDesignerboy7, MichaelthegoanimatedudeVGCP and Minecraft steve will go to EB games."


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