The Tigrus879 GoAnimate Movie 2
The film's official poster
Film information

Directed by

Brian Sharp

Produced by


Written by



Based on and GoAnimate characters


Editing by



Tigrus879 Productions

GoAnimate Studios

Distributed by

20th Century Fox (International)

Columbia Pictures (UK)

Toho Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Release Date(s)

November 10, 2013 (Limited)

December 6, 2013 (YouTube)

January 28, 2014 (Wide)

July 2014 (

Running time

92 minutes



Preceded by

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie

Followed by

Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising

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The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2 is a 2013 flash animated feature created by GoAnimator Tigrus879. This feature serves as a sequel to "The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie". It was also Tigrus879's first full-length feature made with both Windows Movie Maker and Sony's Vegas Movie Studio.


Tigrus879, Tigrus, and Veena traverse through London alongside two new allies (Catriona, her husband Peter/Percy, and Diesel) as they combat against Tigrus Doppelganger, his henchwoman Dragos Makogha, and the ferocious monstrosity (known as the Giant Petal Turtle) to the death. SBDisneyPlanes01Swell will return.


Below the movie infobox, is a complete list of all significant characters featured in this movie:



Voiced by Young Guy/David/Kidaroo


Voiced by Paul


Voiced by Veena

Mrs. Grace

Voiced by Grace


Voiced by Bridget


Voiced by Brian


Voiced by Diesel

Tigrus Doppelganger

Voiced by Scary Voice/Wiseguy

Dragos Makogha

Voiced by Amy


Voiced by Jennifer


This feature received far more positive rating than the first one did, but overall still retained mixed ratings from the GoAnimate community. Some criticised the credits for re-using a song (Smell Isn't Everything) featured in the more popular Go!Animate The Movie (2006). GoAnimate/YouTube users such as Mark Romo and OrangeTendo (who both really enjoyed watching this movie) have parodied the Tigrus879 Productions logo featured in the intro several times in their animations/videos.


A sequel to this feature, Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising, will be released sometime during July-August 2014. Tigrus879 has confirmed that an assortment of characters, users, and elements from the GoAnimate/YouTube community will make appearances and/or play roles in this upcoming feature.

Programs Used

Tigrus879 heavily relied on the following programs while producing this feature:

Windows Movie Maker

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

GoAnimate (obviously)



Spore Galactic Adventures (for images of creatures such as Tigrus Doppelganger, Dragos Makogha, Giant Petal Turtle, Lavacupine, and among few others)

The Windows 8 text-to-speech program (used for only one, brief scene)


Notice: This section may contain some spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

  • This is the first Tigrus879 movie to feature an Ultra Monster (kaiju from Tsuburaya's Ultraman series) making two cameo appearances (King Gesura)
  • Eric and Victor from Cayby J.'s Go!Animate: The Movie appeared in a scene. The scene is proceeded by a battle between Tigrus and Mahatknos (a mutated, villainous Lavacupine)
  • The Lavacupine and Mahatknos featured in the movie made an appearance in Tigrus879's 18-minute Spore fan-film, "The Biogenetic Mistake"
  • Blue from Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues makes another appearance (cameo) in the Tigrus879 GoAnimate movies
  • The Giant Petal Turtle was originally a monster deriving from Kevin Siembieda's 2005 Sci-Fi novel "Dinosaur Swamp"
    Dinosaur Swamp Giant Petal Turtle

    Jeff Russell's depiction of the Giant Petal Turtle


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