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Are you out of your mind
"Are You Out of Your Mind?"

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Gender: Female


Her GoAnimate (Comedy World) apperance

Age: 7

Voice: Shy Girl

In GoAnimate, Tiffi is a very naughty girl indeed; mainly because she is from the game Candy Crush (Saga)! In the GoAnimate world, she steals everyone's candy and switches out good candy with black liquorice. Tiffi is a character in Candy Crush, owned by!


~She has a twin underwater sister named Juli

~Tiffi could be the daughter of Mr. Toffee, who is also from the same game

~This picture below Tiffi's GoAnimate appearance (actual appearance) was the 666th photo added on this wikia!

~An example of a Candy Crush Level (Lv400):

Tiffi (1)

Her actual apperance

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