If you're looking for the page about his sidekick, see Tigrus879
How he appears on GoAnimate


Devil (Dark Chaos) Chao


Tigrus the devil chao, Yellow Eyes, Tigrus879's chao


Mrs. Grace, Tigrus' Girlfriend, Veena Ishani


Tigrus Doppelganger, Lorva, Pedro and Edro, Dragos Makogha, Super Giant Sonic, Ludoviko, Turret (from Turret the movie), Shockwave


Chao Fruit, Dark Garden


Mahatknoses, rotten tomatoes (not the website), raw eggs, pepperjack cheese, grape nuts, prunes


Assistant Waiter for a GoTownia Italian Restaurant


15 (In SA2B) 4 (In reality) (17 in Human Years)


August 2010

Family (consisting of chaos)

Nancy the Hero Chao (Wife), Tigrus Jr. (Son), Tigrus Baby (2nd Son), Hoppy (Biological Cousin), Shadow (Biological Nephew), Haunty (Adoptive Brother), Lisa (Biological Sister)

Tigrus, or commonly known as, Tigrus the Devil Chao, is a devil chao Tigrus879 owns in the 2002 Sonic game "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle". In that game, nearly all of his stats (Stamina, Run, Fly, Swim, Power) have reached level 99. It is also Tigrus879's favorite chao (which could explain Tigrus' appearance in the Tigrus879 Productions logo).


How a devil (dark chaos) chao actually appears in SA2B

In Tigrus879's GoAnimate videos, he is portrayed as Tigrus879's sidekick and best friend. He is also acquainted with Kristin Konkle, OptimusYesMegaNo, Tanya (a character from Tigrus879,the movie 3), the real Warren Cook. Courtney Springer's Sacred Sacred Heroes, PC Guy, Awildmew, and among several others.

Since after defeating Tigrus Doppelganger in London alongside Tigrus879, Diesel, Veena, Catriona, and Peter in 2013, he recently became archrivals with decepticon Shockwave.

Movie/Logo Appearances

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2

Tigrus879, the movie 3, Japan Rising

The logo for Tigrus879 Productions
2014-07-23 153119

A custom Tigrus character made in Scribblenauts Unmasked by Tigrus879


  • Matt (before he was known as Tigrus879; owner of Tigrus in that sonic game) named himself Tigrus879 after that chao
  • In GoAnimate, Tigrus' TTS voice is Paul.
  • His girlfriend was only seen in the first Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie.
  • In GoAnimate, he has the ability to shapeshift himself into either a normal devil chao, or a humanoid devil chao.
  • Like most chaos chaos, Tigrus is immortal.

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