Tigrus879 The Movie 3: Japan Rising
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Directed by

Brian Sharp

Produced by


Written by


Based on and GoAnimate characters



Editing by



Tigrus879 Productions (Production)

GoAnimate Studios (Animation)

20th Century Fox Animation


Gracie Films

Caste Rock Entertainment

Rough Draft Studios(Animation)

CMSMG Animation

CMSMG Industries

Distributed by

20th Century Fox (International)

Columbia Pictures (UK)

Toho Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Release Date(s)


Running time





Preceded by

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2

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The 2014 Tigrus879 The Movie 3: Japan Rising was a proposed action sci-fi drama flash animated movie that would have been produced by Tigrus879. It would have mostly been set in Tokyo, rural areas of Japan, and GoCity, New York (a city nearby GoTownia, Tigrus879's hometown). Tigrus879 has scrapped this in favor of a 2015 renewal/revamp of the same name.

If this movie had a theatrical release, it would most likely garner a PG-13 rating for brief language, sci-fi violence, few frightening images, and an extremely minimal amount of blood.


Here is an incomplete list of characters that would have been featured in this:


  • Tigrus879
  • Tanya
  • Mrs. Grace
  • Tigrus
  • Kristin Konkle
  • OptimusYesMegaNo
  • Coulden Pettit/Robofrank
  • awildmewfromROBLOX
  • Miss Mouth
  • Mouth
  • The Sacred Heroes
  • Catriona
  • Peter/Percy
  • Nemo333m
  • AMSalley94
  • Warren Cook
  • A Japanese Couple
  • Citizens of Tokyo
  • Japanese Armed Forces (seen in a flashback)
  • Australian Armed Forces (seen in a flashback)
  • Warren's Dad
  • Zephyr GrandChase
  • Smirks
  • Karael
  • footsocktoe
  • Igor the Mii
  • Shauna
  • Douger the Dog
  • TheColossalD
  • DannyLCPD
  • cottonbeltSD40T
  • Rainbow
  • Courtney Springer
  • T-1,000,000
  • Optimus500050
  • LouieLouie95
  • Calebcomedian


  • Super Ultra Doomless Mega Sonic
  • Super Giant Sonic
  • Members of the Underworld Army
  • Possessed Yungtrekon
  • Possessed Tigrus Doppelganger
  • Possessed Dragos Makogha
  • The Haniwa
  • PC Guy
  • Possessed GrandChase RealCook
  • Possessed Mrs. Grace
  • Possessed Robofrank
  • Possessed Kristin Konkle
  • R (from TheColossalD's Invasion of Secrets)
  • Alien Grunts
  • Sentinels (under PC Guy's possession)


  • Phillip Psareas
  • Lothos GrandChase
  • Hirashi (Phillip Psareas' GoAnimate girlfriend)
  • Pedro
  • Edro
  • Dino Megazord (made a very brief cameo in one scene)
  • Ultra Hyper Mega Doomless Sonic (new character by Tigrus879 for Courtney Springer; made a brief appearance after the credits; the antagonist of the upcoming film "The Great Warriors, A GoAnimate Adventures movie")
  • Lire (a Grand Chase warrior)
  • Mighty Potato
  • Mrs. Millie
  • Axolotirad
  • Neutral GrandChase RealCook


The film would have had an August 2014 release, though due to extensive delays and time constraints, this film never had its time to shine. Conversely, the author as aforementioned, will release a renewed/revamped re-imagining of the series under the same title sometime around July 2015.


Screenshots of this movie will be available asap.
Japanese T879 the movie 3 Poster

The Japanese Poster of the same movie (including a Toho logo)

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