Tigrus Doppelganger
Snapshot 1 (7-14-2014 9-30 AM)
How he appears in "The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2".


August 9, 2014 (in the Tigrus879 GoAnimate movies)

Adversaries (Rivals)

Tigrus (formerly), Tigrus879, UTUBETROLLPOLICE (currently), Kristin Konkle, OptimusYesMegaNo, Warren Cook, awildmewfromROBLOX, Peter, Catriona, Veena, Diesel, SERGEANTCOMMANDERARMY, anybody who calls themselves "Good Users", Mrs. Grace, Tanya, Optimus Prime, etc.


Shockwave, Megatron, Starscream, Dragos Makogha, R, Super Giant Sonic, Super Ultra Doomless Mega Sonic, Ripslinger, trolls who are called "Bad Users" by "Good Users", Mr. Keebler, etc.


Terrorism, Catastrophic Destruction, Apocalyptic events, train crashes, Dragos Makogha, Decepticons, car crashes, demon lords, Doppelganger (from Scribblenauts), raw eggs, swiss cheese, grape nuts, prunes, trolling, hacking, etc.


Non-Baby shows (just for fun), cookies, heroism, Justice League, Marvel's Avengers (not the British group of spies), BBC, hard-boiled eggs, pepperjack cheese, fried prunes, saving the world, people who call themselves "Good Users", Autobots, etc.


Evil Mastermind, Minion (formerly)

Tigrus Doppelganger is the main antagonist of the 2013 GoAnimate movie "The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2" and a supporting character in "GoAnimate Adventures". He was formerly Tigrus' archrival and currently a rival of the UTUBETROLLPOLICE (although TD is still infact, a villain).
EX Tigrus

How Tigrus Doppelganger appears in Tigrus879's GoAnimate videos

The truth

There's not much to go over with Tigrus Doppelganger. He's just an evil GoAnimate character. If you would like to play as him in Spore Galactic Adventures (he's known as EX Tigrus in the game) you must visit Davoonline in order to download Dark Injections.

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