Comedy World version of TjsWorld2011, first made in 2012.

 (first known as Tychannel, formerly known as TjGames and 2011TjsWorld) is a user on GoAnimate who makes fanon (fanmade) videos (such as movie trailers, TV shows, etc) and other videos. However he is not a user who makes grounded videos. He first joined GoAnimate on April 9, 2011. His biggest year was 2012, since he made a lot of videos at that time.



Coming soon!


TjsWorld2011 signed up on Wikia as Tjdrum2000 in late 2012. His first wiki, Tj's World Wiki, is based on one of his and Ntpockets' fan GoAnimate properties of the same name. His third wiki, Nt's World Wiki, founded only by himself, is based on Ntpockets' fan GoAnimate properties of the same name and inspired by Tj's World.

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