Tobias is a big troublemaker from Germany, created by AntiTrollers2 & LW97. He has a lot of bad hobbies.

Likes: To marry Brigitte, adult shows, hurt people's feelings, troll people, troublemakers

Dislikes: Andrew, Adrianna, AntiTrollers2, LW97, science, etc.


Tobias was born in the year 2000. His age is 14, and also, he's officially in 9th grade because of his age. He's also infamous for his bad troublemaking hobbies, being with his girlfriend, while he isn't married yet. He lives in Dortmund, Germany, the city that LW97 dislikes. He is a Protestant Christian as a result of his geographical location. He is one of the most hated troublemakers of the GoAnimate world (officially in the 2nd place, after Dora, whom is the most (immaturely) unliked troublemaker).

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