Tree Fu Tom (real Name: Steve Fu Tom)
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.57.14 PM
His Comedy World form, created by Alex Kimble


March 9th, 1991 (age 28)





Tree Fu Tom is a children's show character from the series of the same title. He is normally used as a Troublemaker in GoAnimate videos. In the show and most GoAnimate versions, he is a boy who uses the power of tree fu ("movement magic"). He is voiced by Alan.

Alex Kimble's Comedy World version of Tree Fu Tom is the most commonly used.


  • Twigs is a silly and energetic Acorn Sprite with karate skills who is Tom's sidekick. Voiced by Joey.
  • Zigzoo is a tree frog who acts as the local inventor at Treetopolis. Voiced by Wiseguy.
  • Squirmtum, a pill woodlouse who is a miner and general-purpose workman, and not the most intelligent of creatures. He can curl into a ball, and in that form he can roll fast. He wears a miner's helmet with a firefly called Flicker as his helmet light. He is voiced by Eric.
  • Treetog the Tree Spirit is the plump and friendly leader of Treetopolis. She also acts as the schoolteacher, teaching the young sprite creatures and Tom spells. She is voiced by Catherine.


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