Twilight sparkle friendship through the ages by mixiepie-d8o83ti

Twilight Sparkle as seen in "Friendship Through the Ages".

Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn pony, born a unicorn. She is usually portrayed as a non-troublemaker in GoAnimate, but there are some exceptions.


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Her in GoAnimate

Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls GoAnimate

Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle in GoAnimate

Twilight Sparkle

Joey Nigro's version

Born: 3rd of September 1997

Voice (GoAnimate): Salli, Kayla, Kate, Eric, Julie, Ivy (as a foal), Kimberly (TheFabulousDC03's version, as a foal)

Voice (Cartoon): Tara Strong (speaking), Rebecca Shoichet (singing)

Gender: Female

Crush: Flash Sentry, Mephone (6Kaylamagical245 Version)

Friends: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Princess Celestia, Spike, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Joey,Jennifer,Kimberly,Mephone.Sonata Dusk (6Kaylamagical245 Version), New Line Cinema

Powers : Star Powers (6kaylamagical245 Version)

Twilight Sparkle Party Dress Vector 411192044

Twilight Sparkle as an Equestria Girl.

Twilight sparkle cheering by masemj-d6f16py

Twilight Sparkle as an Equestria Girl, in another outfit.

Alicorn Twilight

Twilight Sparkle as an Alicorn pony.

Twilight sparkle by hankofficer-d46dfaw

Twilight Sparkle as a unicorn pony.

Gallery (TheFabulousDC03's version)