Uncle Grandpa gets in dead meat is a dead meat video by Green ProDuctions. Whoever tries stealing it will be reported

Uncle Grandpa Gets In Dead Meat


Green ProDuctions

Running Time:

Possibly 60 Minutes


Possibly 100


Whenever he gets GoPlus



Cast (Note: You can add as many as you want, but please: ask The Bob Units)

  • Microsoft Sam as Green ProDuctions (Teacher)
  • Kidaroo as Barney, Yoshi, Robin, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob Unit 1 and 3 and Captain Underpants
  • David as Felix the Cat, Gumball, Noddy, and Luigi
  • Brian as Brian Griffin, and Mario
  • Young Guy as Bob Unit 2,
  • Evil Genius as Pingu, Caillou, and Shaun The Sheep
  • Alan as Evil Pingu and Stewie Griffin
  • Kayla as Dora and Twilight Sparkle
  • Microsoft Mike as Hungry Pumkin, Percy, and Cyborg
  • Zack as Wander
  • Paul as Postman Pat, and Igor The Mii
  • Eric as Bart Simpson, and Spongebob
  • Wise Guy as Homer Simpson and Uncle Grandpa
  • Steven as Steven Universe, Bob Unit 4, ans Pizza Steve
  • Diesel as Bob Unit 5, Optimus Prime, and UG's Dad
  • Princess as Rainbow Dash, and Starfire
  • Tween Girl as Darwin
  • Simon as Horace N Buggy
  • Joey as Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Microsoft Mary as Rosalina
  • More Coming soon


Teacher: Hello class! we will be having a Behavior card Day!

Teacher: Now watch the slideshow for the cards

(While the cards are shown at the slideshow, Pitbull Feel this Moment Ft Christina Aguilera is playing)

Teacher: Now here are The Cards!

Felix the Cat: Yes! i got a Green Card!

Teacher: That s right! You will be graduated! go to the headmasters office

Gumball: Yay! I got a Dark Green Card!

Thomas: Me 2

Bob Unit 1: Me 3!

Bob Unit 2: Me 4!

Bob Unit 3: Me 5!

Bob Unit 4: Me 6

Bob Unit 5: Me 7!

Teacher: That is right! You 7 have a 100 Years off! Go to the Masters Office!

Postman Pat: Yay! I got a Dark Green Card!

Pingu: Me 2!

Shaun The Sheep: Me 3

Teacher: That is right! You 3 got 100 years off! Go to the headmasters office!

Optimus Prime: Yay! I got a Light Green Card!


  • Green-Graduated
  • DarkGreen- 100 Years Off
  • Light Green- 90 Years Off
  • Lime Green- 80 Years Off
  • Red- 75 Years off
  • Pink- 70 years Off
  • Maroon- 65 Years Off
  • Blue- 60 Years Off
  • Dark Blue- 55 Years off
  • Light Blue- 50 years off
  • Sky Blue- 45 Years Off
  • Yellow-40 Years Off
  • Purple- 35 Years Off
  • Orange- 30 Years Off
  • Brown- 25 Years off
  • Tan- 20 Years Off
  • Garnet- 15 Years Off
  • Amethyst- 10 Years Off
  • Greenish Yellow- 5 Years Off
  • Platinum- 2 Years Off
  • Gold- 1 Year Off
  • Silver- 9 Months Off
  • Bronze- 6 Months Off
  • Pizza Hut- 3 Months Off
  • Candy- 1 Month Off
  • Creeper Head- 1 Week Off
  • Zombie Head- 1 Day Off
  • White- Nothing
  • Multi Colored- 1 Hour Detention
  • Gray- 3 Hour Detention
  • Light Gray-1 Day Susspension
  • Dark Gray-10 Day Suspension
  • Club Pretendo-30 Day Suspension
  • Maroon-70 Day Suspension
  • More coming soon

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