Erika (he likes her)


Adrianna (one of his GoBuddies)


Andrew (one of his GoBuddies)

UnitedAirlinesComedian1998 (formerly BaxterYes MemyNo, JohnThe GoAnimateDudem and John Mifflin) was a good user on youtube. Possibly because of his Zara gets grounded videos. His goplus recently expired, however, that does not stop him from making more grounded videos.

Deubt on goanimate- May 2014

Birth date- May 16, 1998


Voice-Lawrence, Eric (alt), Wiseguy (angry), Scary Voice (Furious)

Favorite Character on Goanimate- Andrew from DavidComedian1991 and av591iad1

Likes- Grounded videos, Dead Meat videos, Erika, Annabelle, Zack, Alex Kimble, Nemo333m, louielouie95, Andrew, Adrianna, Zoey av591iad1, DonkeyKongAndDiddyKongComedian2014, AntiTrollers2, and any other good user.

Dislikes- Zara, Diesel Dawson, Erika (In JohnComedian589 and asomefirealarmroblox's videos), Jose Marquez, joey Marquez, Warren Cook, GrandChase RealCook, Nerry Marin and any other bad users!

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