Panty X Vanoss

Panty and Vanoss in love!!!!

Vanoss is a GoAnimate character made by CodPlayerRussia (Aka Stebashon) and he is a real GTA 5 Online character.He is in love with a anime character named Panty from her show they met on a fake GoAnimate dating site called GoAnimate Dating Match. He is voiced by Simon plus her sister stocking called her a "Redneck H**bag" also Mini Ladd calls Vanoss a "S** Mechanic" then what your about to hear is some f*cked up stuff well here it goes................Panty and Vanoss had made out in Panty's room back where she lives and Mini Ladd says about vanoss' house is that it smells like a Dude's a**pipe.


His well uhh GF Panty

His friends

GTA 5 


Anything he likes


Anything what he dislikes


He is nationally chinese,Korean,japanese and american

He came from Canada

he only speaks english

When he goes on GTA 5 he goes on his crew session

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