Vexy Smurf
Harvey Beaks and Kiki's Delivery Service Rules Est 2002


Erika Punkette
Harvey Beaks and Kiki's Delivery Service Rules Est 2002 (current)

Real name

Jade Alonzo








Herself (occasionally, on most announcement videos only)


YouTube channel
GoAnimate profile

Vexy Smurf (also known as TheOfficialBrittneyMiller, VexyStrikesBack, Erika Punkette, SpongeBobLover2000, MikuFan2007, JadeTheSailorVenusGal, and Harvey Beaks and Kiki's Delivery Service Rules Est 2002) is a good, well-behaved user who likes to watch grounded videos made out of GoAnimate that were either exported from the regular GoAnimate to YouTube, or recorded off of the GoAnimate4schools, with Bandicam. Unfortunately, she was terminated by Elgin Soon due to copyright infringement back in September 2013 for many false reasons. She came back as VexyStrikesBack and then the channel name showed her real name. Vexy Smurf (or Vexy N) is a user who will block, and report, bad users who barge at her channel without any permission from her, as a matter of fact, she'll falsely flag the comments bad users posted on any content that was uploaded as of recent and will take many attempts in getting them terminated. She is also a fan of The Smurfs 2.

Friends and Enemies

Friends: Caroline0204, Slippy V, Projector Films Inc, Matt Crowley, Ryan Helmke, Kody Crook, Sebby S. Truesdail, Darkness Rainbow Dash, Jaxen Ross, louielouie95, GreatMario54321, CalebComedian, MountainFilms Pro, Nemo333m, Taylor JoliCoeur, Courtney Springer, TrigonometryComedian, Trigonometry Lord, JKTheAwesome2000, MrSportVevo, RedAndChuckLover2014, Ruthie Rainbow, Dylan Johnson, Kristin Konkle, Joseph Selaty, and other good users

Enemies: GrandChase RealCook, henryrules135135, MLFRessurection, Sam RovioFan, Nintendocraft6, EpicMangaReader650, VideoGameNerd1000, Luke Gartrell, Kirby Loopsy and other bad users

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: The Smurfs, The Smurfs 2, SpongeBob SquarePants, Vocaloid, anime, GoAnimate, Grounded Videos, YouTube, Making grounded videos, and other good stuff

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