Victor the Movie
Film information

Directed by

Jaylen Faison
Alvin Hung

Produced by

Eric Nagler

Written by

Victor Tartovosky

Screenplay by

Jaylen Faison


Brian Sharp
Kayla (unknown last name)
Joey (unknown last name)
David (unknown last name)
Eric Nagler
Ivy (unknown last name)
Simon (unknown last name)

Music by

Daniel Hofflered


Super Mario Productions
Revolution Studios
The Kennedy/Marshall Company

Distributed by

Universal Pictures (United States)
Columbia Pictures (International)

Release Date(s)

March 28, 2016



Preceded by

Brian: The Movie

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Victor: The Movie is an upcoming 2017 film and a spin-off/prequel Of Brian: The Movie. It is the first GoAnimate film to not be produced by said company. However, GoAnimate Studios does provide animation for this film.



Victor The Movie Is Rated R For Very Strong Graphic Bloodly Violence and Gore,Graphic Language,Strong Elements,Strong Nudity,Graphic Sex Humor,Graphic Destruction and Mayhem,and VERY Graphic Irreverent Humor Throughout. The BFFC gave this Film a 18 Rating in the UK and TOTALLY Uncut.