The Video Maker allows registered users to make a GoAnimate Video. The maker has included pre-made
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GoAnimate video maker

backgrounds, characters, props, music and sound. It has over 100 backgrounds, 1,000 props, over 100,000 characters made by users.

Character Use Plan

Free users are limited to 5 Comedy World characters, 6 Lil' Peepz characters, 5 Chibi Peepz characters, 6 Space Citizens characters, 5 Space Peepz characters, 5 Chibi Ninjas, and users with GoPlus can make their own characters with millions of combinations of characters. All other asset characters can be used and cannot be added even you upgraded to GoPlus.

Video Length Limitations

Free users can make videos up to 30 seconds long, but users with GoPlus or higher can make videos longer than 2 minutes.

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