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Wild Animation Network


Online media network






Ohio, United States


Your home for Grounded videos, Comedy, Let's play, etc.


Ohio, United States


awildmew (70%)
ccateni (15%)
Robowil M (15%)

Key people

awildmew (Founder and CEO)
ccateni (Partner)
Robowil M (Creative Depatment)

Launch date

January 1, 2015

Official website

Wild Animation Network

The Wild Animation Network (WAN) is an online media network owned by awildmew ccateni, and Robowil M. This YouTube/GoAnimate channels has programming like Grounded Videos, Let's plays, Barney Error, Comedy, Movies, etc. It was shut down on January 11th, 2017 when it was split into Wild Roblox Network and GoAnimate Network.


  • The Grounded Series (2015-2016)
  • awildmew Rants (2015-2016)
  • Let's Play with awildmew and ccateni (2015-)
  • (insert specific name of character here) Error (2015-2016)
  • Oscar and Otto (2015-2016)


The first livestream hosted on WAN went live on January 1, 2015.


Whip Animations WAN

Jonarazzi Studios

Alex Kimble

Luigi99swellYes FetishNo VGCP WAN

ZoeyandChaseYesZoeyandJamesNO VGCP OWN

CheckersandRally'sYes Arby'sNo VGCP TEIT TPNG OWN

Robowil M

Cloud Guy

Ian Velasco Ramirez


In 2007, a man named Alvin Hung wanted to make animated skits for his family, however, he found out that Flash was expensive and hard to use, so, he created a new animation software, called GoAnimate. It was an instant hit, people now being able to animate quicker than ever before without having to draw. It became so popular that in 2011, a man named Brian Sharp and Cayby J came up with the idea to make a movie based on GoAnimate, literally titled, GoAnimate: The Movie, Alvin Hung agreed, and would place it under the GoAnimate Studios banner, fans of GoAnimate were hyped, thinking it would be all GoAnimate had all in one, it was then released on July 30, 2013, the film received negative reviews, saying that it doesn't know which direction it wants to go with, Alvin almost shut down GoAnimate Studios, it was only when fellow GoAnimators awildmew and ccateni stepped in when the studio was allowed to continue distributing films. Awildmew had plans to make a film called Eric in Space, and would work along with ccateni's animation company, The GoAnimate Peepz Company, the film was very successful, spawning a sequel, and a spin-off movie, Kristin Konkle The Movie, making them even more popular than ever before, then, when Robowil M stepped in as head of the creative department, they merged Awildmew Productions and the GoAnimate Peepz Company, Collin K's studio, WHIP Animations, and Jonah Miran's studio, Jonarazzi Studios into a new studio, which, for a while, would be the masters of GoAnimate film making, they called it, Wild Animation Network.


In 2015, after WAN was making big hit, after big hit, and starting production on Kristin Konkle 4: Heroes of Chicago, Kristin Konkle 5: The Final Battle, Eric in Space 3: The End of Time, and Oscar and Otto 4: Oscar's Tall Tales, things took a turn for the worse, after the GoAnimate staff announced that GoAnimate would switch over with HTML5, and would be getting rid of the Non-Business Themes, everyone was shocked to hear the news, which meant that they had to cancel the films they had planned and merge them all into one movie, Kristin Konkle In Space, the film, though a hit with critics and audiences, didn't get as much profit as the previous Kristin Konkle movies, during that time, many important members of WAN had left. Nicklas Zande and Alex Michels left after creative differences with Robowil M, Jonah Miran left after being less than trilled about what became of WAN, and Robowil M left to pursue his own career outside of GoAnimate. After all of that drama, WAN was stone cold bankrupt, it didn't matter that they had the Kristin Konkle franchise, because they had to sell off all of their animation assets to two GoAnimators named Brendan Barney and Isaac Anderson, forming GoAnimate Network, the members that remained renamed the studio to Wild Roblox Network, with awildmew and Collin K's channels becoming gaming channels.