How a Xoilon appears in Tigrus879's videos

Xoily is powerful, diligent, and intelligent breed who are capable of causing considerable damage to buildings, powerlines, oil rigs, and even titan-armored vehicles. Most Xoilons have been trained by Super Giant Sonic (the fictional villain [but no real life examples please!], not the user) to murder innocent civilians using rifles, grenades, and swords.

In reality (like the Xoilers), the Xoilons were villainous characters created by Tigrus879. They will make their debut in the upcoming "The Great Warriors, A GoAnimate Adventures Movie" film and soon make further appearances in season 2 of GoAnimate Adventures and in various grounded videos.

It will be implied that Xolion himself will be a mega troublemaker, along with SBSC and Grand Chase Player characters in SkyTFYesGCSBSCNo's videos.



Like Xoilers, Xoilons have this mentality in which they claim to be superior towards humans (although this time, it isn't preposterous for them to think like that). Unlike Xoilers, Xoilons murder and destroy everything that's within their sight (including plants and buildings). They simply behave like terrorists. Xoilons take a Xoiler's motives to a whole new level (seriously). By the way, there are no tranquil Xoilons (all of them are bloodthirsty maniacs), they can also be delusional and become troublemakers in the future whatsoever. He is known for making evil clones of the heroes.

General Info

Lifespan: Infinite/Nearly Immortal (they're only vulnerable to people who call themselves good users), can be permanently cursed to severely limited lifespan if exposed to sacred objects such as holy cross

Height: Usually 8'10

Weight: Usually 278 lbs

Metabolism: Since these guys do not need to consume anything to survive, none unless cursed.

Powers: Ability to transport; advanced marksman skills; ability to swim unless they drown in holy water infested sea in SkyTFYesGCSBSCNo's videos in the future

Weaknesses: Exposed to sacred objects such as Crystal Phoenix (proposed by Mr. C)



GoAnimate Adventures Season 2 (Late 2014 or Early/Late 2015) 


The Great Warriors, a GoAnimate Adventures movie (November/December 2014)


Allies: All Bad Users, Troublemakers, etc.

Enemies: Good people, some civilians such as Carl F AKA SKYTFYESGCSBSCNO, Alex Kimble, Skyler Hawkins, Julian Song AKA HareJules, Taylor JoliCoeur, African Vulture, Mouthless Girl, etc.

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